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Hans Peter Riegel studied audiovisual media, photography, art history and philosophy.


After a one-year internship at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus from 1979 to 1984, he was assistant to the renowned German artist Jörg Immendorff, became his photographic and film documentary and partner in projects and publications.


During these years he produced Hans Peter Riegel's early artistic work, an extensive photographic and painterly repertoire as well as his first video works. At the same time he was active as an author for various scene publications.


After his exams and a longer stay in New York, Riegel began an advertising career in 1984

as art director and copywriter. His artistic work in the following years was limited to photography.


Later he managed well-known advertising agencies and received a number of awards for his creative work. In 1997 he left the advertising industry, became an entrepreneur and management consultant and developed pioneering projects in the fields of media, new media and culture.


Since 2003, Riegel has again been active both artistically and as an author. From 2003 to 2008, he carried out a conceptual art project under the title and pseudonym SIS.TM, which critically dealt with the socialization of individuals on the Internet, especially in video works. This makes Hans Peter Riegel one of the first artists to deal with the medium of the Internet and its social influences.


In 2008 he published a collection of texts from the SIS.TM project entitled FLICKERING SUBJECTS.




BEUYS - THE BIOGRAPHY was published in 2013.


The 1080-page Beuys biography aroused worldwide interest and became one of the most frequently discussed publications of its kind in German-language literature. Today it is regarded as the standard work on Beuys.


Hans Peter Riegel has been exhibiting media art and photography again since 2014. His works have been acquired by renowned private and public collections.


In 2016 he realized the essayistic documentary film with a budget of only 30,000 Swiss francs.

MEL. THE OTHER LIFE, which celebrated its cinema premiere in February 2017. The film received extremely positive reviews.


In the summer of 2017 Hans Peter Riegel directed the experimental feature DRIFTED, the

as in the case of MEL, he wrote the script, the camera and the music. The film was released on streaming platforms.


Also in 2017 he founded his own publishing company and in autumn of the same year he published the first volume of his updated Beuys biography out of three volumes until now. Once again there was a large media response with full-page interviews and reports in leading media.


In addition to his artistic work, he runs Riverside Culture together with the renowned communications specialist Tanja Hollenstein, a company that deals with the conception and realisation of cultural projects.


Hans Peter Riegel lives in Zurich.






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2018  ÜBER BEUYS, Video-Präsentation und Gespräch

 im Rahmen der Ausstellung «Jupp, Fama und Schlussverfehlungen»

KORE Contemporary, Bern


2017  THE BUNNY, Installation, 1Blick Galerie, Hallein/Salzburg, Österreich

u.a. mit Henrik Ahr, Günter Brus, Alice Creischer, Peter Fischli und David Weiss,

Alfred Hrdlicka, Arnulf Rainer, Erwin Wurm


2016  NIGHT PIECES, Einzelausstellung, Galerie Bildhalle, Zürich


2016  PEOPLE AND THINGS, Einzelausstellung, Galerie Pavlovs Dog, Berlin


2016  NIGHT PIECES, Video Installation, PHOTO 16, Zürich


2015  Dritte Runde, Gruppenausstellung u.a. Rene Groebli, Thomas Hoepker,

Tobias Madörin, Braschler/Fischer, Galerie Bildhalle, Zürich


2015  Drive In, Gruppenausstellung, Photo Basel


2015  Drive In, Gruppenausstellung u.a. mit Eliott Erwitt, Rene Burri, Rene Groebli,

Thomas Hoepker, Arthur Tess, Burk Uzzle, Galerie Bildhalle, Zürich


2015  DIAMAND IS NO CRASH, Galerie Isabelle Gabrijel, Berlin


2014  Edition No 1 - Gruppenausstellung, Pavlovs Dog Galerie, Berlin


2014  SOME PIECES, Galerie Bildhalle, Zürich


2013  Beuysland - Foto Dokumentation, Art Directors Club, Zürich


2008  Do you eat - Flickering Subjects VI, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel


2007  Funny Subjects, Galerie Brot und Spiele, Berlin


2007  Aggression - Flickering Subjects V, Kunsthalle Winterthur, Winterthur


2007  Learn more - Flickering Subjects IV, Installation im öffentlichen Raum, Zürich


2007  Flickering Subjects III, Tweakfest Festival, Zürich


2007  Flickering Subjects II, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich


2007  Flickering Subjects I, Augenzeugen, Gruppenausstellung u.a. mit Luc Delahye,

Jules Spinatsch, James Nachtwey, Johannes Gees, Vögle Kulturzentrum, Pfäffikon


2006  Draw Subjects, Plattform 11, Zürich


2005  Incredible Subjects II, Video-Installation, SUPERMARKET, Zürich


2005  Incredible Subjects I, Plattform 11, Zürich


2004  Female Subjects, Plattform 11, Zürich


2003  Third Pack, Raum-Installation, Spinnerei Murg, Murg


2003  Second Pack, T2 Maag Areal, Zürich